May 27, 2007

Shrekkie, baby!

My oldest son had a special day with his cousins, his aunt and uncle and his grandparents at a lake in the mountains on Saturday. The baby awoke with a fever and my daughter was still recovering from a cold, so we holed up at home while Lobito happily climbed into the backseat of my brother-in-law's car, right in between his two favorite people on the planet...his 15-year-old and 12-year-old cousins, both boys. As you might imagine, they are gods to my 6-year-old son. Consequently, his day-trip to the mountains was better than heaven for my boy!

Sepe and Faffi had a good day with mommy, but were both worn out by 10am. I tried to entertain myself as my two youngest slept for almost 4 hours (wooooo-hooooo!), but my fate was sealed when they awoke. In order to get my daughter to lay her weary head upon her pillow for a much-needed nap, I had to promise her a large green ogre. So, as soon as Faffi's eyes were open...we were off to the theater (phew-ter, as Faffi calls it).

The ogre more than made up for the fact that Faffi had been left behind when Lobito grinningly abandoned her for the lake earlier in the day. Shrek and the entire cast of characters made my daughter laugh and squeal with delight. She and I shared a favorite scene in the movie...the princesses kickin' ass to the tune of Baracuda. (I can hear it even now....ahhh-ahhh, ahhhh!!)

My daughter and I had a wonderful time together. I guess sometimes managing motherhood means that a mommy has to spend a little bit of special time with her girl. And a family of green ogres.

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Slackermommy said...

Can't beat bonding over green ogres! I hope to get out with my kids to see it soon. Shrek is quite popular in our house.